Hello, my name is Justin, and I've been addicted to....

oops wrong group ;-).

Kim posted in her journal, "I need the bold font for this... Y'ALL SHOULD JOIN KAT & I's NEW COMMUNITY ... I DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE FROM DETROIT OR TENNESSEE... JUST GO! .:D " Seeing as how I'm from Detroit, I took that as an invitation.

Anyway, if you missed my subject and the previous statement... My name is Justin, I live in Detroit Michigan. Somewhere around 459 miles away from NJ, but I wouldn't mind visiting sometime in my life. So, "Hi everybody!"©Dr Nick -The Simpsons.
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  • manana_

i don't live in new jersey.

i'm anna.
i'm not in a band.
but i do play the moog and the drums.
there's been a few bands around here.. new york. cornwall. the understatement is good.
i go to most of the shows i attend in new jersey.
yup.. so.. hello.
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