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yo everybody [30 Dec 2004|02:04pm]
[ mood | busy ]

whats up names dave.
i am a dj at Montclair State and I want everybody to listen to my show
its tuesdays 10am-1pm i know not the best time slot but listen if u can. its 90.3 WMSC and also u can get a link to webcasting at www.wmscradio.com. the shows called Fuck the Scene. My co-host and i are just sick of the same old shit that has become scenster. we'll be playing some of it obviously cause it is good, but we're gonna try and keep it to thier old school days, and also play a lot of local punk/screamo type stuff, so if any has a band and they want air time, send me an instant message at Her0 of the YeaR

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