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i never do this but... [11 May 2004|06:56pm]
"I would like to invite you to join a community I'm a member of. all_star_indie is a great rating community that voters base their votes on your taste in music and basically on wether or not you're cool. Also its really awesome because we have contest that the MODS do and you can win prizes, like CDs or books or whatever. I would really like you to put an application there, just go to http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=all_star_indie, read the Community info and rules, and fill out and application. What do you have to lose. Also, I'd really like you to pass this on to anybody you think would be interested, just copy and paste this exact message to them. One more thing - on the application theres a question that asks who sent you, please put in there that tragic_blood sent you. Also don't change that username, its kinda important. Thank youuu."

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